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                Ignacio Diaz   Biography



1961                   Born : Havana CUBA

1968 - 1974       Lived in : New York City

1974                   Lived in Miami, Florida

1978 - 1980       Coral Gables Senior High School

1982 - 1984   Worked for the company AZV-2 in Hialeah, Florida and was

                        Introduced to the Screen printing industry. At this time, my talent and

                        excellent drawing ability gave me full run of a small

                        art department. I was able to use the dark room, as well as large

                        cameras to create color separations that would turn heads even by

                        today’s standards. (All without computers ) I am what you’d call an old

                        school illustrator/ designer/ color separations expert.

                        I wanted to learn more of the art of screen printing work, so

                        I also took advantage of the work in the print shop. I worked hard in

                        pushing the envelope to learn the art of burning screen, and mastered

                        It. In other words, this was the school of Art and of hard knocks for me.

                        Those days are still memorable. It became my technical foundation. I

                        can create a full color art work, and do the full separation without a

                        Computer. I knew back then the minute I saw a squeegee pull ink

                        Through a screen, and print the art that emerged on the t-shirt, the bug

                        had bitten me. Throughout the three years, the company credited me

                        For their success and friendship.


1984 - 1986   Worked for Associated Grocers of Florida in Miami Florida, in the art

                        department and I worked my way to the assistance Art directors

                        position. This is where I laid out the newspaper advertising program for

                        Sedano’s Supermarkets, and many others on a weekly dead line.


1986 - 1988   Worked for Textile Print Mill company in Miami Florida that created

                        artwork and screen printing as well, but on a much larger scale and in

                        large quantities, I created new designs and color separations. My

                        art would be printed on t-shirts and garments to wear, mostly the

                        contracts were with theme parks.


1988 - 1989   Worked for Sherry Manufacture company as well, contract printed for

                        theme parks, as well as local and Orlando tourist stores with licensed

                        Disney merchandise.

                        I also designed artwork and printed for Walgreens stores.


1990 - 1992   Worked for Di-Port USA ,as well as a high end clothing and Screen

                        printing company of licensed Disney and licensed college sportswear,

                        also earned the Art director’s position, and trusted to test print in the



1992                I Went out on my own and created a new line of women’s

                        Spring/ summer line, with designs that took off as hand painted

                        garments were the thing in the early 90’s. locally I sold to 3 boutique

                        Stores in the Miami International Airport, owned by the greyhound

                        Corporation. at this time my work was noticed by a sales group from

                        Big Pine Key, Florida, whom I teamed up with and the line took off.

                        From there the birth of my new screen printing company began.

                        From manual printing, to reinvestment in the

                        Company. new printing jobs led to the contracting of the automatic

                        Printing Machines, which were the help needed for a fast turn around

                        time and delivery.


1992 - 1993   By this time with art, design work, and the screen printing knowledge,

                        The field was open for the play of creation and new ideas.

                        Submitting work to the theme parks were now play and fun that turned

                        into a lucrative business. By now a company named Sun Triangle

                        offered myself, and my company, a full printing contract on their

                        garments on a joint venture. Together we acquired contracts for

                        merchandise sold to the theme parks’ souvenir stores. I

                        also took on the printing of transfers , and invested in 3machines

                        that were added to the factory, to continue with Sun Triangle

                        stock prints that were being ordered from Canada. The new challenges

                        were also mastered by myself and my staff.


Design Works to : 1. Tampa Bush Gardens, Fl. ( KUMBA ) The Roller Coaster Ride

                                2. Sea World Fl. ( Bermuda Triangle ) The theme Ride

                                3. Sea World Fl. ( The Wild Arctic ) The theme Attraction

                                4. Sea World Fl. ( The Design for Kids’ wear ) cartoons Shamu

                                5. Dolly Wood NV, TN.

                                6. Alabama, the Country Music Group

                                7. Disney Orlando theme Park ( Kids Characters Mickey Mouse,

                                    Goofy, and all the rest )

                                8. Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Caesar’s Palace

                                9. Excalibur Hotel

                              10. Circus Circus



1994               I Painted and Created ( The Freedom For Cuba ) Poster

1997 - 1998   I Painted Exhibit ( A World of Art Gallery )

                        Paintings Sold - Alone / Together/ Triangle Affair


1998               Now very involved in my community, as well as

                        being the Vice President of the Board of Directors of my Association,

                        I ran a political campaign. Ready with The issues that were

                        concerns to neighbors and voters in the city, with their support ,

                        as a new comer to local politics, I was able to defeat long

                        time leader of the democratic party. I was now Mayor of

                        the City of North Bay Village, Florida. The first Cuban Born Mayor

                        American since the Incorporation of the City in 1945, when it

                        separated it self from Miami Dade County.



1998 - 1999   I was now dealing with new -found concerns that affected

                        My community. being the creative artist that I am, now it was

                        something I would be able to use in Politics, by setting a new

                        Standard, and not think the same as every other Politian



1999 - 2000   Ignacio Diaz   “to create is to feel, and if you can’t feel you are not



                        I was also involved in setting up with Miami- Dade County

                        Mayor Alex Penelas, Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez, Miami Beach

                        Mayor Neisen Kasdin, Surfside Mayor Paul Novack, and Homestead

                        Mayor Shiver, the first Miami -Dade County’s Mayors’ Round Table.

                        The 32 municipal Mayors at that time, could sit and discuss their

                        community needs and concerns. My business approach of

                        working hard with what you have, and making things happen attitude,

                        I was able to bring The City of North Bay Village from more than half

                        a Million Dollar deficit. By working with the Commissioners ,

                        I budgeted 5 Million Dollars to fix the city infrastructure, and

                        balanced the City budget every year through my time as Mayor.

                        I was also involved with Mayor Paul Novak

                        (Surfside), in addressing the Dade County Schools decaying fire alarm

                        Systems. Many other issues were addressed by Governor

                        Jeb Bus, also a Federal Lawsuit which lead to the new construction of

                        schools in Miami- Dade County. The special friends that supported

                        My community concerns and state wide issuses were :

                        Former Mayor Pepe Diaz of City of Sweet Water Florida, Former

                        Director of The Florida Water Management District Jose Fuentes,

                        Congressman E. Clay Shaw, Congresswoman Iliana Ros-lehtinen ,

                        Congressman Linclon Diaz Balart, Miami Dade County Mayor Alex

                        Penelas, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and Special Friend AC

                        Weinstein. After my first media interview with him, he became a dear

                        friend and who always believed in me and all from the Sun Post, to

                        the many friends that have been there, you know who you are. Thank




2001-2002     Artist and now Former Mayor Ignacio Diaz starts new business in the

                        Parking Management industry, successfully.


2003                I continue creating art and running the business


2004- 2005    Deeply involved in my community, I became the President of the

                        first Police Athletic league program for the kids in my community, with

                        the help of the Miami Beach Police Athletic League Mr. Kenney Stowe


2005               I start another new business in the Limousine service



2007-2008     I create new paintings, but still holding back. No exhibits yet.

                        But at this point, I meet Mrs. Dee Foss. She saw some of my work and

                        She was the inspiration that lit the fire for me. Her words were very

                        Inspiring. She was able to see the creative natural gift that even I

                        had taken for granted. It’s something that came natural, and its just like

                        any other thing, lets say breathing .Our bodies do it, we just don’t think

                        about It, so we take it for granted until we need some type of help

                        Due to some health issue. Then we realize how important, and the

                        great gift that it is. This is what Mrs. Dee Foss has made me realize.

                        she is one special person.



2009                 Artist / Painter is getting ready for my first ever art

                        exhibit in early October 2009 Titled

                        “The Recaptured Passion of Ignacio Diaz”


                        My thoughts to everyone out there, that GOD has lead our paths to

                        cross. I thank you for the experience, I have learned many things from

                        each and every one of you. Even though we haven’t always agreed on

                        Each others Opinions, that has made me understand that our

                        differences really Makes us one, and That has made me better. I hope I

                        have left the same positive lasting impression on you, too.


                        Let’s remember life and death come together sooner or later, and we

                        hope its later than sooner, that’s something we take for granted every

                        day. That’s why its up to us! and its our responsibility to live life to

                        the Fullest Potential. Make your dream happen! And don’t listen to

                        those who say you can’t, that’s not true, YES YOU CAN!

                        We are in charge of our own destiny. GOD wrote all the scripts. GOD is

                        just watching to see what road or path you choose to take.

                        I believe it’s our responsibility to give the world our gift. we are all



                       We just don’t tell ourselves that, and we should. There is nothing wrong

                       with that we are.. GOD’S creation. So it’s ok to know it, and believe it,

                       and in the journey of life, appreciate it! And help others. We are already

                       doing it anyway, we just don’t realize it. But when our paths cross, we

                       are leaving an impact on each other with our special gift of who we are.

                       Open your EYES! Hopefully at the end of life and into the next journey,

                       GOD Has for all of us, instead of wanting or wishing for more because

                       We didn’t accomplished our goals, we should say as we look back,

                       WOW! WHAT A RIDE.


                      So don’t throw the gift of life away. Do something

                       with it!


                      Special Thanks to my family. My Mother and Father. They

                      made me who I am.


                      To my Son Ignacio. I’m proud of you, and in raising you. I love you!


                      Thanks To Kimberly Lo Medico with the web site, and all my friends

                      you all know who you are!



                      Special thanks to my friends, for believing in me. And to Mrs. Dee Foss

                      that lit the creative fire that I had let slip off like an old pair of shoes .

                      she picked them up, dusted them off , and slipped them on me once

                      again. Thanks for the support and Confidence you have given me.


                      Thank you

                      Ignacio Diaz